SAH Staff Wellness Resources

This is a challenging time for our community and for health care. We are fortunate to have our committed SAH professionals, leading our COVID-19 efforts. Information is rapidly changing and can be confusing and overwhelming for us all. SAH is keenly aware of this impact and of the tremendous stress and anxiety that this global crisis has placed on all our workers. We encourage all workers to seek out support opportunities.

The following are some resources you can access through your Sun Life benefits or through the government:

  • Lumino Health
    Lumino Health and the features offered through this program through Sun Life including mental health resources and provider savings are available, all at no charge. Access these services through your Sun Life app ( or click here for more information: Lumino Health
  • The Working Mind
    ‘The Working Mind’ – a program from the Mental Health Commission of Canada, to help raise awareness, reduce stigma and encourage early intervention. For more information, click here: The Working Mind
  • Government Programs
    Attached is a guide to Free Access to Mental Health Resources attached, covering a wide variety of Canadian programs offered free by the government, and in Ontario as well. It is quite broad, though provides good awareness of various programs available.

Additional Virtual Care Options:

  • Tia Health
    Tia Health connects Canadian physicians and other providers to Canadians. Much like an in-person visit, the doctor is responsible for understanding your case, medical history, and determining appropriate treatment. If unable to help, they will advise an in-person visit to a clinic or hospital. Tia Health is available for free in Ontario with a valid health card.
  • CloudMD
    With CloudMD, you get virtual care from a licensed Canadian doctor on your phone, tablet or computer. CloudMD works with a national network of Canadian licensed physicians to provide patients with an affordable way to get the care they need. CloudMD is available for free in Ontario.
  • CoverHealth
    CoverHealth takes a modern approach to telemedicine. They’re open 7 days a week with a variety of providers to meet healthcare needs.
  • OTN
    OTN is part of Ontario’s publicly funded healthcare system, providing virtual care to all. They are not a healthcare provider and cannot provide medical advice or treatments to patients, but remain a resource for information gathering and asking questions.
  • Health811
    Health811 is a free, confidential service for health advice and information. A Registered Nurse will take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After a brief intake, the nurse will direct you to the most appropriate level of care.
  • For Ontario Government Covid 19 Health Care Worker support, click here.

Mindfulness (offers app for mobile device) (offers app for mobile device)

Mindfulness Exercise – 6-minute video 

Mindful Deep Breathing Technique

30-Minute Mindfulness – *Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 8 pm

The current pandemic is causing unprecedented levels of stress and anxiety in our workplace. Drop-in and learn short mindfulness practices to help find calm in the midst of challenges from University of Toronto Psychiatrists.

Relax, recharge and learn how to incorporate moments of mindfulness into your day. Optional discussion to follow.

For anyone! No OHIP numbers are required. This is not treatment or therapy.

Yoga and Gyms

Many gym/studios are offering online sessions at low or no cost:

Lasante Fitness – 

Jade Wellness

The Healing Loft

Peaceful Warrior Wellness Studio

Fit Bodies Fit Minds

The Refinery

Achieve Fitness for Women

Fit For Less (30 minutes quick home workout routine – equipment required)

Strong Minds – Facebook –

Fitness Apps

Strava App – Strava allows you to track and analyze every aspect of your activity whether it is running, biking, walking, hiking, canoeing, skiing, swimming and more.  It turns every iPhone and Android into a sophisticated computer that allows you to track your performance and dive deep into your data after the activity is finished. It is the new social network app for athletes.