The composition of the Board is determined by Hospital By-Law 4.2 which states the affairs of the Corporation shall be managed by a Board of not less than nine (9) Directors and not more than twelve (12) elected Directors.

There is an Ex-officio Director with full voting rights representing Sault Area Hospital’s Volunteer Association (SAHVA) who is appointed by the SAHVA and who holds office until their successor is appointed in accordance to the By-Laws of the Corporation and policies of the SAHVA.

The Board has five (5) non-voting Ex-Officio Directors consisting of President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Chief of Staff (COS), President of the Medical Staff, Vice-President of the Medical Staff and the Chief Nursing Officer.  At present, the role of the Chief Nursing Officer is our VP of Clinical Affairs.  Included as resources are: VP Medical Affairs, VP Finance, VP Transformation and Human Resources.  The CEO, COS and VP’s comprise the Senior Management Team (SMT).

As well as sitting on the Board, you will be expected to sit on subcommittees of the Board. There are six subcommittees: Executive, Governance, AuditQuality and Service (Q&S), Resources and Education.  The two principal committees are Q&S which deals with the quality and services administered to patients and Resources deals with financial and personnel resources at SAH.  The Q&S, as well as Resources, meet once monthly, except Resources which does not meet in December but will have two meetings in May.  Community members sit on Q&S and Resources as full voting members.