Physiotherapists are regulated health professionals and are members of the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario.  Physiotherapists provide assessment, treatment, education and consultation to clients requiring ongoing intervention for specific goals in the area of range of motion, strength, mobility and gate training, balance training, endurance and functional retraining.

The Outpatient Physiotherapy Department at Sault Area Hospital provides treatment in the following areas:

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Our outpatient orthopedic criteria are limited to clients requiring acute, post-operative outpatient rehabilitation directly following their surgery:

  • Joint replacements including:
    • Total knee arthroplasty
    • Total hip arthroplasty
    • Total shoulder arthroplasty
    • Reverse total shoulder arthroplasty
  • Surgically repaired fracture
    • Upper extremities
    • Lower extremities
  • Surgically repaired soft tissue
    • Upper extremities
    • Lower extremities
  • Arthroscopy

Neurological Rehabilitation

Outpatient neurological rehab is limited to clients with neurological deficits requiring outpatient rehabilitation as a result of a new diagnosis with onset within the last 3 months. 

Treatment conditions include:

  • Cerebrovascular accident (CVA)
  • Brain injury
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Neurological deficits as a result of brain or spinal surgery

Consultation with other services (i.e. Social work, Physiotherapy, Speech-language therapy) is conducted when necessary.

Amputee Clinic

Physiotherapists collaborate with the Occupational Therapist and the Prosthetist while consulting with the Physiatrist for clients with amputations.

Follow-up includes:

  • Pre-clinic OT/PT assessment
  • Amputee clinic
  • Pre-prosthetic training
  • New prosthetic training

A physician or orthopedic surgeon referral is required for service at the Outpatient Physiotherapy Department.