Service Definition:
Occupational Therapy is concerned with promoting health and well-being through everything that people do during the course of everyday life. Following an acquired brain injury (i.e. CVA, Brain Tumor, etc.), individuals may have difficulties that interfere with their functional abilities and which impact their participation in roles and meaningful activities.

In the Outpatient Neuro service, the Occupational Therapist provides:

  • assessment
  • treatment
  • education
  • consultation to clients requiring additional intervention for specific rehabilitation goals in the areas of:
    • self-care (i.e. bathing, dressing)
    • productivity (paid/unpaid work, household tasks)
    • leisure (sports, hobbies)

Together with the client, an individualized treatment plan is developed targeting client-identified goals towards the desired outcome. The overall goals of this service are to facilitate community reintegration and optimize functional independence in the client’s activities of daily living.

Services Provided:

Services that may be provided include the following:

  • Cognitive assessment & treatment
  • Perceptual assessment & treatment
  • Upper extremity assessment & treatment
  • Activities of Daily Living (ADL) assessment & treatment
  • Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL) assessment & treatment

Consultation with other services (i.e. Social work, physiotherapy, Speech-language therapy) is conducted, when necessary.

Referral Process:
A physician’s referral is required for service.