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Ila Watson, President & CEO

The Board of Directors of Sault Area Hospital (SAH) is pleased to announce the appointment of Ila Watson, our new President and Chief Executive Officer,

SAH Spotlight

Maria Coccimiglio, Pharmacist

Congratulations to Maria Coccimiglio, Pharmacist on receiving her infectious diseases certification through Board Pharmacy Specialties (BPS), the premier post-licensure certification agency worldwide. BPS operates across the pharmacy profession to provide specialty certification to pharmacists in 14 areas. The BPS Board Certified Infectious Diseases Pharmacist program is a credential for pharmacists who specialize in the use of microbiology and pharmacology to

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Spotlight: Dr. Nadia Bowen

Dr. Nadia Bowen is a Hospitalist at SAH who is passionate about improving Mental Health and Addictions services in our community. She is our physician liaison for the Rapid Access Addictions Medicine (RAAM) Clinic. The goal of this clinic is to provide expedited, barrier-free treatment for patients who are addicted to alcohol or opioids. The clinic provides quick access to care

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Spotlight: Addictions Services Workers

Recovering from any addiction is a journey and addictions service workers are there to help individuals reach the next step. Brittany Syms and Lauren Mannarino are Addictions Services Workers (ASW) working within the Addiction Medicine Consult Team and the Withdrawal Management program at SAH. The role of ASWs is invaluable as they aim to facilitate client-centred care for those who

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