Clean Your Hands

Did you know hand hygiene is the simplest way to prevent up to 50% of infections and illnesses? Every year, an estimated 5-7 percent of patients admitted to hospitals develop a preventable and even deadly hospital-acquired infection such as C. Difficile, MRSA and VRE.

If you’re visiting a hospital, consider these important tips:

  • If you’re visiting a patient or getting treatment, remember to clean your hands:
  • When you enter and leave the hospital
  • Before and after contact with your loved one
  • Before eating
  • If you are visiting a patient at SAH, and you’ve had one of the following in the past 24 hrs: diarrhea, fever and/or chills, new or worsening cough – please see the receptionist before seeing your loved one. If you are sick, you may make patients or healthcare workers sick.
  • Ask your doctor, nurse or other health care professional to clean or sanitize their hands using a gel hand rinse before examining you. It’s your right as a patient, so speak up.
  • If your family member is on Precautions in the hospital, please follow the signs or ask a nurse for help.

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SAH Participates in Clean Hands Protect Lives Campaign

Hand Cleaning is one of the best ways you and your care providers can prevent infections from spreading.