SAH Volunteer Application Process

  1. You must be at least 15 years old to apply
  2. Complete and submit the SAH Volunteer Application
  3. Attend a scheduled interview
  4. Provide three (3) personal references

Upon completion of a successful interview, all volunteers are required to provide the following:

  • Health Surveillance Form including a 2-Step TB  skin test and immunization assessment
  • Criminal Records Check with Vulnerable Sector Screening
  • Attend the Volunteer Orientation Session
  • Attend the Volunteer Safety and Introduction Session
  • Train on a minimum of two (2) Wayfinding Shifts
  • Prospects will then be reviewed for placement

Additional training sessions may be required depending on placement

Spiritual Services Applicants

Become a Spiritual Care Volunteer

The Spiritual Care Volunteer is a qualified volunteer trained to identify and visit patients who wish to be visited by a representative from their faith community. Those granted special visiting privileges must visit in accordance with the guidelines and policies of Sault Area Hospital and the Volunteer Resources Department.

Orientation sessions are presented on a regular basis. These sessions prepare the applicant for volunteering at Sault Area Hospital. To complete your application to become a Spiritual Services Volunteer at Sault Area Hospital click below: