Inpatient Rehabilitation Units (2A & 2B)

Our inpatient rehabilitation units (2A & 2B) are comprised of 51 beds providing specialized services to patients requiring rehabilitative care. The goal is to maximize functional potential following illness, surgery, or a sudden life changing medical event to assist with transitioning back to living in the community. 

While on these units, patients will participate in low to high intensity rehabilitation as well as recreational therapy from an experienced inter-professional team. Rehabilitation is focused on enabling patients to reach and maintain their optimal function with daily activities and return to an active and enjoyable life within any limitations illness has caused. A rehabilitation treatment plan along with a customized discharge plan are developed in collaboration with the patient and their family. These plans will include realistic goals specific to the patient’s individual needs.  

Additional information regarding program specifics will be provided to patients and their caregivers on admission to the rehabilitation units.