The Department of Diagnostic Imaging includes X-ray, Ultrasound, Echocardiography, CT (Computerized Tomography Scan), MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), Mammography, OBSP (Ontario Breast Screening Program) Nuclear Medicine and Interventional Radiography.  Collectively we perform more than 100,000 exams yearly.

All diagnostic equipment is capable of digital imaging with the results viewed on PACS (Picture Archival Computer System). This process allows for all images to be sent from the Diagnostic Imaging Department to all the other departments throughout the Sault Area Hospital for instant viewing.

Where is Diagnostic Imaging?

DI Map

Directions to Diagnostic Imaging From The Emergency Department:

Diagnostic Imaging is located closer to the Emergency Entrance (South Entrance). Once here, you would follow the BLUE wayfinding line on the hallway floor that will take you to the Diagnostic Imaging waiting room on your left.

The Main Entrance Closes in the evening, as a result, we ask anyone with appointments booked during this time to please use the Emergency Dept. entrance. 

If you require assistance to get to your appointment or wayfinding, please visit the main entrance lobby where our volunteer kiosk is located.

DI Floor Marking - wayfinding

How to get to Diagnostic Imaging from the Main Entrance:

From the main entrance head straight ahead to the large windows in front of you and turn right.

Main Lobby View

Head down the main hallway for a time.

1st floor hallway view

Continue straight down the hallway past the entrance to 2A.

2A hallway view

Continue just past the entrance to 2B and 2E and the entrance to Diagnostic Imaging
will be on the right.

2B Hallway view

Enter the Diagnostic Imaging waiting room and take a number and wait for your number to be called.

Diagnostic Imaging