Along with SAH’s Vision, Mission and Values, the functioning of the Board is influenced by two primary Acts, namely Public Hospitals Act 1990and the Excellent Care for All Act, 2010

With the introduction of the Excellent Care for All Act, 2010the Ontario healthcare industry was directed to focus more on the Patient. The preamble of the Excellent Care for All Act states: “Recognize that a high-quality health care system is one that is accessible, appropriate, effective, efficient, equitable, integrated, patient-centred, population health-focused, and safe”. The keys are patient-centred, integrated and efficient.  Review our Patient’s Perspective (page two of our Strategic Plan) developed by our Patient Family Advisory Councils (PFAC) to learn how our Patient Perspective directs what we do and strive to how we will do it. 

The patient and their family have more input into their care, thus when making decisions that may impact the healthcare of our Patients, the Board must always keep in mind the Patient and their Rights. To this effect, SAH has developed Patient Family Advisory Councils (PFAC) which are pivotal in promoting patient and family concerns at SAH, giving counsel to Senior Management and the Board.

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