Dr. Silvana Spadafora – Chief of Staff

Dr. Andrew Webb – Vice President Medical Affairs

Dr. Christa Cassalman – President Medical Staff

Dr. Matthew Solomon – Vice President Medical Staff

Dr. David Berry – Medical Director Medicine Program, Chief of Renal Medicine and Chief of Acute Hospital Medicine

Dr. Lucas Castellani – Medical Director and  Chief of Infection Prevention & Control

Dr. Mike D’Agostino – Medical Director Laboratory Services and Chief of Pathology

Dr. Jonathan DellaVedova – Chief of Pediatrics

Dr. Jonathan DiFabio – Interim Medical Director Critical Care and Cardiology Program and Chief of Critical Care

Dr. Phillip Dopp – Chief of Anaesthesia

Dr. Neil Fam – Chief of Cardiology

Dr. Derek Garniss – Medical Director Emergency Program and Chief of Emergency Program

Dr. Umesh Jain – Medical Director, Mental Health and Addictions Program

Dr. Robert Maloney – Chief of Post-Acute Hospital Medicine

Dr. Mohammad Rassouli – Medical Director of Regional Programs and Chief of Oncology

Dr. Joseph Reich – Medical Director Surgical Program and Chief of Surgery

Mrs. Fiona Wardle – Medical Director Women and Children’s Health Program, Chief of Obstetrics, and Chief Midwife

Dr. Jaron Yau – Medical Director, Medical Imaging