If you are having a medical emergency, CALL 911.

The Fit2Sit Program

In 2022, Sault Ste. Marie Paramedic Services launched Fit2Sit, a pilot program in partnership with SAH. The Fit2Sit program allows paramedics to leave patients with non-life-threatening illnesses in the waiting room at SAH. Patients are monitored by hospital staff but sit on their own until a nurse or doctor can see them.

Having patients sit in a waiting room chair:

  • Frees up stretchers for others in need.
  • Allows paramedics to return to the community faster to respond to emergencies.
  • Makes the 911 process more efficient and cost effective because Paramedics no longer wait in the hallway with patients who are well enough to sit on their own.

The first phase of the Fit2Sit program has been successful. This initiative has improved the availability of ambulances on our roads and decreased triage wait times.