The underlying principles of SAH/Board are based on our VisionMission and Values. The vision statement is quite powerful:  Trusted Partner. Outstanding Care.  We are not alone in providing outstanding care in Algoma.  There are other stakeholders.

The mission statement: “Exceptional people working together to provide outstanding care in Algoma” dictates the philosophy of how we operate.

The Strategic Plan gives direction (road map) to the Board and Senior Leadership Team; it is revisited each year, to assess if the plan needs adjusting to reflect any changing financial and/or environmental conditions. Click here to review SAH’s Strategic Plan summary.

Along with the Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan, SAH Values (iCcare), play a significant role. The Board considers the SAH Values in its decisions and actions taken. The values are incorporated into the iCcare logo, where iCcare is an acronym, listing SAH values:  Integrity, Compassion, Collaboration and Partnership, Accountability, Respect and Excellence.

The iCcare Values are the basis for establishing the “culture” of SAH.  It’s how we treat our patients and each other.

As you walk around SAH, take notice of the iCcare logo incorporated in many places especially on clothing worn by our employees.  The employees have embraced the value system of the hospital which, again, creates a “values-based culture” at SAH.

Our Vision

Trusted Partner. Outstanding Care.

Our Mission

Exceptional people working together to provide outstanding care in Algoma.

Our Values

Integrity – We say what we mean and we mean what we say.

Compassion – We show concern and care for others.

Collaboration & Partnership – We promote teamwork.

Accountability – We are answerable for our actions and decisions.

Respect – We care about the well-being, dignity and uniqueness of everyone.

Excellence – We deliver our best every day and encourage innovation to continuously improve.