The Sault Area Hospital Telemedicine Department is located in the G-Wing within the Algoma District Cancer Centre on the first floor across from Tim Horton’s. 

Telemedicine allows patients the opportunity to connect with their healthcare provider over distance, using secure and private video conferencing. 

Patients in Sault Ste. Marie and the surrounding area can have virtual appointments with a healthcare provider anywhere in Ontario.  Physicians, specialists, dietitians, social workers, RNs, physiotherapists and respiratory therapists are among the many healthcare providers that use telemedicine.  As well, there are SAH healthcare providers who provide telemedicine services to district patients, mostly within the Algoma area.

Telemedicine technology can include wireless stethoscopes and high-definition powerful cameras that can zoom in on post-op incisions, airways or skin lesions. 

The Ontario Telemedicine Network is safe and secure, ensuring that your visit and personal health information are kept confidential at all times.  If your follow-up visit or consult is with a district healthcare provider, you can discuss with your physician, the possibility of having it accommodated via video.

Sault Area Hospital is a great supporter of telemedicine and recognizes the advantages, such as saving the patient travel costs and keeping healthcare closer to home.

For more information, feel free to contact us at 705-759-3434, ext. 5261.