What is Patient and Family Engagement?

Sault Area Hospital is committed to partnering with patients and family members, to ensure that the care we are providing meets the needs of our community.  To accomplish this, the hospital provides numerous opportunities for engagement to members of the public who volunteer in the appointed role as a Patient and Family Advisor.

An advisor and the PFAC Coordinator demonstrate SAH's commitment to Patient and Family Centered Care

What Are Patient & Family Advisors?

  • A Patient or Family Advisor is a person who has had a recent experience (generally within 2 years) of being a patient or the family member of a patient at Sault Area Hospital
  • These past interactions with the health care system have created the desire to represent the voice of future patients and family members to have improved patient experiences.
  • Advisors bring forward ideas on how to improve health care from “quick wins” to partnering on major hospital projects
  • Patient and Family Advisors apply to the role and complete the onboarding process as a hospital volunteer

How do I become a Patient and Family Advisor?

  • Advisors are encouraged to review the content within these web pages and the advisor handbook to familiarize themselves with the role and expectations of participation
  • Once the decision has been made to pursue the opportunity, please complete an application at the following link.  You are also required to complete a hospital volunteer application
  • Once we receive your application, you will be contacted for an informal interview and you will be asked to participate in a group orientation session. 
  • Volunteer onboarding also requires:
  • Health Surveillance Form including a 2-Step TB  skin test and immunization assessment
  • Criminal Records Check with Vulnerable Sector Screening
  • Additional training sessions may be required depending

What are the Benefits of Becoming a Patient and Family Advisor?

Patient and Family Advisors are known to play a role in helping hospitals to become more patient and family-centred. Patients and families partnering with hospital staff members and leaders shape decisions and influence change improving the overall patient and family experience.

Patient and Family Advisors share their unique experiences, tell their stories and use their informed perspectives to advise on issues and decisions. This ultimately impacts the delivery of health care and the quality of the experience for the next patient or family member.

Additional Benefits Include:

  • Promotes system re-designs/process improvements
  • Direct input about patient needs (No more need to guess or make assumptions)
  • Enhances Patient Safety
  • Contributes to Quality Improvement
  • Improves the Patient Experience
  • Strengthen community relations
  • For almost all decisions being made – “Nothing about me without me”
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