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Letter from our Board Chair and President & CEO

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As we prepared to launch Sault Area Hospital’s 2022-2025 Strategic Plan, outlining our vision and plan to move our organization forward in the coming years, we reflected on the period of immense change and challenges that have faced our globe, our nation and our hospital.

Over the past two years since the COVID-19 Pandemic was declared, our hospital has been in a constant state of change, and the Pandemic has challenged each of us in our own unique ways. Through our ongoing COVID-19 response, we have seen the strength and resilience of our society, our communities, our families, and in each of us who works in the healthcare system.

Our resilience has made us stronger. We have learned, adapted, re-created and innovated in ways that will expand and improve the ways we provide care in the future. Those lessons learned are reflected in our new strategic plan.

Patient, Family & Caregiver Perspective

Our vision is that the team at Sault Area Hospital (SAH) is highly skilled at what they do. They always acknowledge and greet us with a smile and ask, “How can I help?” They see and treat patients as people and not a diagnosis. In addition, they are passionate about caring for all people. They enjoy their roles, feel safe and supported and are proud to work at the hospital. Health care in Algoma will look and feel like one system. When we visit different hospital departments or go from the hospital to home or elsewhere in the community, the transition is seamless and smooth. Providers have access to accurate and up-to-date information when and where they need it. SAH works within available resources to provide top-notch care. We need to travel to other cities for care only when it is in our best interests. When possible, care is provided at home, virtually or in the community rather than in the hospital. We can always get information, have our questions answered, and feel empowered to have a voice in our health care. The team at SAH considers and respects our wishes. We make decisions about treatment together, considering individual identity, beliefs, values, history, culture, and ability. Finally, we are confident that SAH will apply lessons learned to improve healthcare services for patients and families, both under ordinary and exceptional circumstances.

Us, We and Our: includes patients, clients, families, caregivers, people with lived and/or living experience, traditionally underrepresented voices, and/or other citizens and community members.

The Patient, Family and Caregiver Perspective was developed by Sault Area Hospital patient and family advisors to demonstrate what meeting our strategic goals would look like for community members accessing healthcare services.

Sault Area Hospital is committed to creating an environment that actively partners with Patients, Families and Caregivers across their journey with the healthcare system. Patient, family and caregiver engagement is defined as patients, families or their representatives, and health professionals working in active partnership at various levels across the healthcare system—individual care, organizational design and governance, and system-level policy-making—to improve health and health care.

We recognize that this commitment also needs to be demonstrated informally through daily interactions such as being greeted with a smile, open communication with your healthcare team and enhancing your active involvement in your health care. The Patient, Family and Caregiver Perspective is one way that we uphold that commitment to our community.

Sault Area Hospital’s Areas of Focus for 2022 - 2025

Strategic Direction One

We will ensure our patients and their families feel heard and empowered to be active participants in their care.

Priority Initatives

DIVERSITY, EQUITY & INCLUSION – We will provide inclusive and culturally safe care to all, beginning with a focus on Indigenous health and continuing to improve overall access, equity and respect for diversity.

INTEGRATED HEALTH CARE – We will meet the health and care needs of those we serve through continued collaboration with community and regional partners.


Improve Patient Experience

Improve Access to Care

Strategic Direction Two

Our leaders will enable their teams to do their best and ensure staff, physicians, and volunteers are healthy, well and safe at work.

Priority Initatives

SUPPORTIVE ENVIRONMENT – We will enable good health and attendance and invest in the development of people focused leaders.

SAFE WORKPLACE – We will ensure a healthy and safe environment by working together to reduce incidents of workplace violence and worker injury.


Improve Engagement

Improve Attendance

Reduce Workplace Incidents

Strategic Direction Three

We will ensure that our organization can best meet the health and care needs of the population we serve.

Priority Initatives

HIGH QUALITY CARE – We will continue our commitment to quality, research, innovation and digital solutions.

FINANCIAL HEALTH – We will drive financial sustainability.

PANDEMIC RECOVERY – We will stabilize, transform, sustain and restore health and care services for those in our communities.


Reduce Wait Times

Improve Patient Safety

Meet Budget Objectives

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