In keeping with its iCcare values, Sault Area Hospital is committed to coordinating the spiritual care of patients while at the same time upholding the importance of confidentiality.

Patients and families are encouraged to communicate their spiritual care needs to their care team to make arrangements for visitation by their spiritual leader.

Principle Functions

  • To respond to the spiritual needs of patients, their families and staff
  • To provide or arrange for appropriate rituals or services when needed
  • To liaise with local spiritual communities for the provision of spiritual care
  • To participate in or organize spiritual events/ceremonies as required

Hours of Operation

Spiritual Support Services is available five days a week Monday through Friday from 8:00-16:00 hours (excluding statutory holidays) by phone at (705) 759-3434 ext. 5323

For after-hours service (including statutory holidays), contact Sault Area Hospital Crisis Services at (705) 759-3803 and ask for after-hours spiritual support.

Note: For Spiritual Support Services leaders in the community, if you are not registered with SAH, please reach out to Volunteer Resources to begin this process.