Choose Your Room Type

If you are admitted to Sault Area Hospital, you can request your preference of 3 room types. During admission or pre-admission, you will be asked about your room preference, sign a request form and provide your insurance information, if available.

Ward (3 or more beds)

No charge with OHIP Coverage

Semi-Private (2 beds)


Private (1 bed)


We try to accommodate all requests, but rooms are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. We may also need to change your room during your stay due to medical or infection control needs.

If you stay in a room that is different from the type of room you requested, you or your insurance company will only be billed for the type of room you actually stay in (or the type of room you requested, whichever is less), for example:

If you have a planned stay, please confirm your room coverage with your insurance company or employer to find out if you have Extended Health coverage for Preferred Accommodation and bring your insurance information with you.

If we have your insurance information we will bill your insurance company directly and you are responsible for any balance your insurance company does not pay.

What if my insurance company sends me a questionnaire?

For more information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions section.