Dear Investigators and Research Team:

Thank you for your interest in conducting research at Sault Area Hospital (SAH). SAH encourages, fosters, and supports research conducted by healthcare workers in all disciplines/areas, including but not limited to physicians, medical students, nurses, department managers, and supportive care researchers. Such research will benefit our patients/clients as well as the scientific community as a whole. Our goal is to ensure patient/client safety and responsible conduct of research.

After establishing your research plans and goals, you will need to complete and submit required forms (SAH Operational and Joint GHC/SAH Research Ethics Board [REB]), supplemental study materials, any necessary training certificates, and applicable regulatory documentation; this page will always have the most up-to-date forms.

The Sault Area Hospital Research Approval Checklist illustrates the process for those seeking approval of research studies. It should be used as a guidance document at the beginning, throughout, and at the time of completion of your study; please review all necessary requirements on the checklist while you prepare your initial submission for SAH Operational Approval and then your subsequent application to the REB.

Completing all of the required forms and training, having your study materials ready, and ensuring your regulatory documentation is completed prior to your REB submission will allow for a smoother, quicker approval process.

Should there be any questions, concerns, or missing information within your REB submission, a member of the administrative team in the REB office will contact you. To access REB information and REB forms or for a list of REB meetings and submission due dates (for submissions requiring full board review), please click here Research Ethics Board (GHC/SAH) page or locate the information under Programs & Services — Research on this website.

We look forward to reviewing the research projects that you and your study team submit to SAH and the REB, and we wish you all the best in successfully achieving your research goals.

For Questions/Inquiries Regarding The Following:

Carmela Coccimiglio
Health Information Coordinator

Christine Goertz
Administrative Assistant

Natalie Walde
Clinical Trials Coordinator