Welcome to the Women & Children’s Health Program.

We service expectant mothers, new families in the birthing period, neonates and children up to their 19th birthday. We also care for women who are undergoing gynecological surgery.

Our program is comprised of 3 separate areas: Labour and Delivery, Neonatal Intensive Care and Pediatrics. We have both Surgical and Medical daycare areas for pediatric patients.

We encourage you to access the tabs at the side for more information on our services and programs.

Your Health - Where to find answers...

Your health is important and many health-related questions will come up during the next 9 months of your pregnancy. To answer the common questions many women have related to their health during pregnancy as well as postpartum see Pregnancyinfo.ca – Your Pregnancy

For information regarding food safety for pregnant women Canada.ca – Food Safety Pregnant Women

Important Dates & Resources

To remember throughout your pregnancy

Prenatal Appointments – Monthly

Dating Ultrasound

Routine Bloodwork

Prenatal Screening

  • Enhanced First Trimester Screen (Ultrasound + Bloodwork)
  • Maternal Serum Screening
  • Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (a fee may apply)

Anatomical Ultrasound

Gestational Diabetes Screening Bloodwork

Consider Pertussis Vaccine

Prenatal Appointments – Every 2 Weeks

RhoGAM Injection (for RH negative mothers)

Pertussis Vaccine

Group B Streptococcus Swab

Prenatal Appointments – Weekly

Non-Stress Test


Discussion regarding induction of labour.

Important Contacts

To remember throughout your pregnancy

Keep You Safe

Our program has locked door access.  This is part of our safety features for our newborn babies and children.  In order to access the program, you are required to ring the doorbell to gain admittance.

When you leave the program, you will need to let staff know that you are exiting so that they can unlock the doors.  During your admission, there are access cards that are available for your support persons or for the parents of admitted children to open the doors.

When newborns are in the hospital, they will wear a security monitor which is another piece of our security system.  The bracelet will be attached shortly after birth and will be removed by staff just before discharge. 

All staff wear hospital photo identification badges and should introduce themselves to you. Always check for photo identification before giving your baby to or leaving your child with a hospital staff member

Newborn babies are never left alone while in hospital. If you are leaving the unit because of medical needs a hospital staff member will care for your infant. If you need to leave the unit for personal reasons, please ensure a nurse or family member is available to stay with your baby. Your baby must remain on the unit for safety and security reasons.

Additionally, for safety reasons, we ask that you do not carry your baby in your arms in the hospital hallways. A crib is provided for your baby; the baby may be pushed in the crib in the hallways. Your baby may be carried in arms in your own room.

Pregnant Patients and the COVID-19 Vaccine Video

More information can be found here: www.prenatalscreeningontario.ca