Prenatal Care Clinic

Sault Area Hospital provides a central intake process for all the obstetricians in Sault Ste. Marie. It is preferred that patients seek referrals from primary care providers such as family doctors, nurse practitioners, ED physicians or walk-in clinics. Self-referrals are accepted if you do not have access to a physician or NP.

After we receive your referral, you will be assigned to an Obstetrician. You will receive a call from us with details about your initial meeting and what you should expect in the following steps.

The clinic is located within the Women and Children’s Health Program (1A).

Patient Information

Referral by a primary care provider is preferred; however, patients can self-refer if they do not have access to a provider by completing the intake form (self-referral preferred method) or leaving a message at 705-759-3434 ext. 2645.

Individuals can expect a call back from a care team member within one week; if you do not hear back, please call 705-759-3434 ext. 2645.

Patients will be assessed and cared for by their assigned Obstetrician; however, there may be times when a covering Obstetrician sees you.

Provider Information

Physicians and Nurse Practitioners can refer a patient to the Prenatal Clinic by faxing this referral form to 705-256-2580.

For additional information, call 705-759-3434 ext. 2645.