Sault Area Hospital (SAH) is committed to creating a positive patient experience and delivering high-quality health care. SAH’s goal is to deliver the best every day and to continuously improve care and service for patients.

The Excellent Care for All Act, which received royal assent in June 2010, requires hospitals to develop an annual Quality Improvement Plan (QIP). This plan reaffirms SAH’s commitment to accountability and transparency.

The Plan is made up of two parts:

  1. A document that provides a brief overview of the Quality Improvement Plan, highlighting and listing the hospital’s top priorities for the year.
  2. A summary of the Quality Improvement Targets and Initiatives. This includes a core set of indicators that all similar hospitals across the province are working on.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Sault Area Hospital Board of Directors and our Quality and Services Committee are responsible for overseeing the development of the Quality Improvement Plan.

The members of our Board and the Quality and Services Committee work closely with our team of health care professionals to determine areas where we are doing well and areas where we have room for improvement. From there, we set targets for the hospital, which are reflected in the plan.

Quality Improvement Plans are submitted to the Ontario Health Quality Council and posted publicly annually at the start of each fiscal year, April 1st.


In April 2019, Sault Area Hospital (SAH) underwent an onsite assessment by Accreditation Canada as part of our ongoing commitment to continuous quality improvement and quality care.  Accreditation is a voluntary process that hospitals use to evaluate their services against national standards of excellence.

SAH met 98.3% of the 2,700 applicable standards as presented by the Survey Team and was awarded “Accredited with Commendation”.

In a letter informing SAH of Accreditation Canada’s decision, Julie Langlois, Chair, Accreditation Decision Committee wrote: “This is a milestone to be celebrated, and we congratulate you and your team for your commitment to providing safe, high-quality health services.”

“SAH will remain focused on continuous quality improvement, with the Accreditation process being one tool to help measure our success. Congratulations and thank you to all SAH staff for all the work you do every day that helped us achieve this standing!” said Ila Watson, Interim President and Chief Executive Officer. “Accredited with Commendation demonstrates our commitment to our vision of Trusted Partner. Outstanding Care.”

The next Accreditation process will be held in April 2023.