Welcome to Orientation Prep 101

As a Board, we are very pleased to have you join us and we warmly welcome you.

Our initial request is to ask you to work through the information on this portal. The presented information is to introduce you to the Sault Area Hospital (SAH) Board, major players, philosophy, processes, legalities and some terminology prior to a more formal Board of Directors/Community Members Orientation program.

This work program is designed for both new Community Members and new Board Directors.  Community members are not Board members (yet) but sit on one of the two primary committees of the Board, Quality and Service or Resources.  More about committees later.

As a paperless Board, new Board and Community Members will be provided access to an electronic repository program, Docushare, and an explanation on the use and access to information for required Board and/or Committee materials.

Work through the modules SAH Vision, Mission and Values to SAH Volunteers inclusive. By clicking on the module, information will be presented to go over. Enjoy the adventure.