A hospital has many different meanings for the many people who come through its doors. Likewise, the logo for Sault Area Hospital will evoke different responses among those who see it.

The central “S” may reflect Sault Ste. Marie. Some see it as the road to wellness, the pathway of life or the river of hope. Some may see the two partner hospital sites that came together in a circle of continuous and seamless care. Some may see the aboriginal medicine wheel or the ancient eastern symbol of balance. Some will simply see a modest symbol in traditional hospital blues – strong, confident, reassuring and timeless.

The logo is designed to be reproduced in reflex blue; a colour used previously by both hospital partners. The typeface is Copperplate, a historic font with a slight serif or projection on most letters. The circular symbol with its central curving “S” looks to the future and reflects an openness to challenge and change.