Clinical Students, Researchers and Research Assistants

Please complete all training modules. You will be required to submit a checklist at the end where you can submit your certificates, attestations and all other documents.

SAH Orientation

Provincial Health & Safety Training Modules

All medical facilities in Ontario are legislatively required to provide standard health and safety training to workers. Please complete the following:

☐  WHMIS Training

☐  Accessibility

  Worker Health & Safety Awareness (*certificate required)

☐  Safe Management of Healthcare Waste

☐  Fire Extinguisher Training

☐  Donning and Doffing

☐  IPAC Core Competency Training (5 modules – Additional Precautions, Administrative Controls, Control of Environment, Occupational Health & Safety for Clinical Staff, Healthcare provider Controls) (*certificates required)

Policy & Protocol Review

Please read the following SAH policies and protocols:

  1. Standards of Performance/Living Our iCcare Way Documents
  2. Privacy and Confidentiality Policy
  3. Internet Access Policy


Please read the following Occupational Health & COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocols:

To ensure your safety please familiarize with the location/content of the following policies prior to the start of any rotation/placement. The most up to date Health & Safety policies regarding COVID-19 are located here:

Please review the following policies:

  1. Worker Restrictions
  2. COVID-19 Eye Protection Policy 
  3. COVID-19 Mask Policy for SAH Workers

Prior to each shift:

Students are advised to complete the screening tool before attending each shift:

Screening Tool

Documents and Attestations

You are almost finished your Medical Learner Orientation and Training at SAH! The last step is to complete a checklist, attach your documents and complete your attestations.