Clinical Students, Researchers and Research Assistants

Please complete all training modules. You will be required to submit a checklist at the end where you can submit your certificates, attestations and all other documents.

SAH Orientation

Meditech Clinical Training Modules

Not all modules are relevant for all students in all roles. Your clinical preceptor/placement coordinator/instructor will advise you which of the following modules to complete:

Enterprise Medical Record (EMR)

Status Board Navigation

Order Management

Discharge Planning

Best Possible Medication History

Provincial Health & Safety Training Modules

All medical facilities in Ontario are legislatively required to provide standard health and safety training to workers. Please complete the following:

☐  WHMIS Training

☐  Accessibility

  Worker Health & Safety Awareness (*certificate required)

☐  Fire Extinguisher Training

☐  Donning and Doffing

☐  IPAC Core Competency Training (5 modules – Additional Precautions, Administrative Controls, Control of Environment, Occupational Health & Safety for Clinical Staff, Healthcare provider Controls) (*certificates required)

Policy & Protocol Review

Please read the following SAH policies and protocols:

  1. Standards of Performance/Living Our iCcare Way Documents
  2. Privacy and Confidentiality Policy
  3. Internet Access Policy


Please read the following Occupational Health & COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocols:

To ensure your safety please familiarize with the location/content of the following policies prior to the start of any rotation/placement. The most up to date Health & Safety policies regarding COVID-19 are located here:

Please review the following policies:

  1. Worker Restrictions
  2. COVID-19 Mask Policy for SAH Workers

Prior to each shift:

Students are advised to complete the screening tool before attending each shift:

Screening Tool

Documents and Attestations

You are almost finished your Medical Learner Orientation and Training at SAH! The last step is to complete a checklist, attach your documents and complete your attestations.