Ventures Coffee Shop

Beginning Monday, January 24 until Friday, February 25, 2022

Open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Closed Mondays and Wednesdays

Orders can be pre-paid for next day

Closed to seated dining

LOCATED on 1st Floor Under Emergency Department

WE HAVE DEBIT (.25¢ charge per transaction)

**Catering services are available, call 705-759-3434 ext. 4625 for catering menu options**

Try our fresh Rich, Smooth and Delicious New Coffee!

We have a variety of sandwiches and salads for grab and go options.

Try our fresh Rich, Smooth and Delicious New Coffee!

Weekly Features


  • Taco Salad $6.50

    Tortilla Bowl

Thursday (Pizza Day)

  • Per-Slice $3.00
  • Combo (Slice with Pop) $4.00


  • Tomato Basil Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwich $6.50
  • Leftover Pizza (subject to availability) $2.25

Breakfast Wraps

(Available Daily Until 11:00 AM)

  • The Basic $4.25

    Ham or bacon with eggs and cheddar cheese

  • Spinach and Feta $4.25

    With caramelized onions and eggs

  • Southwest Sausage $4.25

    Spicy sausage and bell peppers with cheddar cheese and egg

Assorted Ice Cream

  • Drumsticks $2.75
  • Ice Cream Sandwiches $1.75
  • Ice Cream Cups $1.50
  • Popsicles $1.50

The Coffee is fresh and the Smiles are Free