Admitting & Registration

Admitting & Registration is located near Fast Track Clinic (Emergency entrance) at the south end of the hospital 24/7. 

What to Bring?

For your hospital stay, please remember to bring the following:

TV & Phone Services

Entertainment and TV rental services are available right at the bedside, provided by HealthHub Patient Engagement Solutions. Patients or their loved ones can complete the rental process anytime by visiting ConnectMyBed Our goal is to make a patient’s stay at Sault Area Hospital as comfortable as possible. It’s as easy as a single touch on your bedside monitor to communicate with family and friends, browse the internet and enjoy television, movies, radio and phone.

ConnectMyBed is available 24/7 to also help answer questions related to local channel guides and request customer service assistance.  Activation is immediate once payment is made.
Payment is by credit card only (Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, MasterCard Debit, or American Express).

Pay Phones

Public pay telephones are available in the lobby and the Emergency Department.

Cell Phones

To keep our patients safe, you may be asked to turn off your cell phone. Please follow all posted signs about cell phone use. To protect patient confidentiality, patients and visitors are not allowed to take photos or videos with mobile devices, tablets, cameras, or other electronic devices, except in circumstances where express permission is granted.

Policy on Pets

With the exception of service animals and dogs or cats registered with the SAH Pet Therapy Program, pets are not allowed in any SAH facility. Exceptions will be considered on compassionate grounds for visits from personal pets (dogs or cats only). Strict guidelines apply. Prior consent must be obtained and visits pre-arranged. Please inquire with the manager of the unit.

Nursing/Breastfeeding Room

SAH recognizes that breast milk is important for the healthy growth and development of infants and young children. We promote and support breastfeeding and the expression of breast milk by health care workers, learners, volunteers, patients and visitors. A Breastfeeding Room is available on level 2 between the 2 public washrooms (Room E2007). For those who prefer privacy, this area offers a space for breastfeeding, pumping and feeding. Baby change tables are also available in the adjacent public washrooms.