Hand therapy is provided by occupational therapists and physiotherapists. A variety of upper extremity conditions are treated including, but not limited to:

  • Acute trauma: crush injuries, fractures, burns, lacerations and tendon, ligament and nerve injuries
  • Repetitive overuse injuries: carpal tunnel, tendonitis
  • Acquired conditions: arthritis, Dupuytren’s

Hand Therapy may provide:

  • preventative or conservative treatment
  • management of acute or chronic pain and/or edema
  • desensitization following nerve injury or trauma
  • scar management techniques
  • active and passive range of motion to gain or maintain movement
  • sensory re-education after nerve injury
  • design and implementation of home exercise programs to increase motion, dexterity and strength
  • custom splint fabrication
  • training in the performance of daily life skills through adaptive methods and equipment
  • conditioning prior to returning to work

Referrals are required from a plastic surgeon, orthopedic surgeon or family physician.

Contact: 705-759-3634.