In 2011, the Sault Area Hospital Board of Directors established the iCcare Awards to recognize an employee, a volunteer, and a physician who regularly demonstrate the iCcare values of Sault Area Hospital:  Integrity, Compassion, Collaboration & Partnership, Accountability, Respect and Excellence. 

To nominate a deserving individual, complete and submit the Dr. William Hutchinson Nomination Form:

2023 Award Recipients

Sarah Dunlop - iCcare Recipient 2023
iCcare Employee - Sarah Dunlop

Employee iCcare Award: Sarah Dunlop

Sarah is a Registered Nurse in the Emergency Department who embodies the iCcare values at SAH. She is a diligent, honest, empathetic, and compassionate individual.

Caring comes naturally for Sarah and it’s reflected in all aspects of her work. She is kind, respectful, honest and an excellent listener. She understands that many patients come to the Emergency Department feeling frightened and she takes the time to listen to their concerns and provide comfort and reassurance. Often, she is able to help people feel at ease during their most vulnerable and unpredictable time of their life. She strives to provide the best care possible for her patients, even in the most difficult and challenging situations. She is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure her patients’ needs are met, whether it means spending extra time with them or providing emotional support during difficult moments.

Sarah is the type of person who approaches all situations with kindness and honesty. She is calm and always able to diffuse a difficult situation. She also has the uncanny ability to put people at ease and make them feel heard, while addressing issues that are often difficult to discuss. She speaks kindly to patients, shows that she understands their concerns, explains how she is going to help, and respectfully sets healthy boundaries.

Sarah demonstrates respect to her colleagues, collaborating with them in a professional and courteous manner. She is empathetic and caring towards her patients, families and coworkers. She is a pleasure to work with and promotes a respectful, collegial work environment. Sarah is a highly skilled and knowledgeable Registered Nurse. A natural leader, her colleagues look up to her and turn to her when they have questions or concerns. Sarah leads by example and makes her team want to live up to her altruistic nature. She is often the person that her colleagues turn to when they are unsure of something or need support.

We congratulate Sarah Dunlop, a most-deserving iCcare Award recipient!


Dr. Parent iCcare Recipient 2023
iCcare Physician - Dr. Adam Parent

Physician iCcare Award: Dr. Adam Parent

Dr. Parent is an Emergency Department physician who provides outstanding care, has excellent work ethic, and expresses compassion in all his interactions. He is caring, kind, inclusive, and everything you hope for in a physician and co-worker.

Dr. Parent demonstrates the iCcare values in various ways throughout his work as an Emergency Department Physician at SAH. His friendly demeanor allows him to develop instant rapport with patients, colleagues and learners. He takes the time to carefully listen to his patients, empathizing with their concerns and provides comfort and reassurance during moments of vulnerability. He clearly communicates diagnoses, treatments, and potential outcomes; he always upholds ethical standards in his practice. He consistently looks for ways to help others. He speaks with patients in a calm manner, often using humour and humility. It is not uncommon to see Dr. Parent holding a patient’s hand while reassuring them. From bringing a patient a warm blanket, to making them feel more at ease, to smiling while they are feeling anxious and afraid, Dr. Parent is there to help patients get through their visit.

He is a very knowledgeable and skilled physician who is always willing to help a colleague. Dr. Parent is approachable, well respected by his colleagues and is supportive of continuous learning. He brings to his shifts, a palpable level of positive energy into the department. He is a team player who is approachable and always willing to listen. Dr. Parent is able to quickly identify what is happening in a situation and empathize.

Without judgement, he is able to get to the root of a person’s agenda and through honest and open communication, come up with a plan of action. He works seamlessly with others and wants everyone to work in a stress free and harmonious environment where everyone can be their best. Dr. Parent has the ability to identify when someone on the team is having an “off day” and he always responds with paying a compliment, a kind gesture, or an offer to talk.

Overall, Dr. Parent’s dedication to the iCcare values contributes to his success as an Emergency Department physician and earns him the trust and admiration of those around him.

Abigail Obenchain iCcare Recipient 2023
iCcare Volunteer - Abigail Obenchain

Volunteer iCcare Award: Abigail Obenchain

Abby is a dedicated, honest, forward-thinking volunteer who has been instrumental in improving the patient experience at SAH. She has been an active volunteer since early 2020, beginning in the Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) resource pool and then becoming an active member of the Corporate PFAC.

She has contributed more than 185 hours over her tenure at SAH with 140 hours in 2022-23 alone. Abby is a strong leader who does not hesitate to ensure that quality is at the forefront and brings forward suggestions and ideas to make any process better. She is willing to stand on her own, offering her thoughts and support to the healthcare system, personally and socially.

Abby gives her time freely and has participated on many committees and supported many projects, process improvements and operational activities at SAH. She has been instrumental in helping to bridge gaps among community organizations to foster learning and share experiences. She is a tireless advocate for underserviced populations and is dedicated to improving access to healthcare. In the community, she is a champion for healthcare, voicing her opinions respectfully with a steadfast agenda of improving care. She uses her extensive knowledge and experience as a communications professional to clearly articulate her point of view and advocate for improved access. She has a strong sense of justice and her actions reflect her beliefs in what is right and her strong sense of integrity. Abby is consistently looking to represent the voice of vulnerable, at risk, and under-represented patients and families.

Abby demonstrates true partnership when collaborating with other staff, physicians, and volunteers. She has a passion for system-level thinking in healthcare and always considers the patients as well as frontline staff in

decision-making. Regardless of who Abby is working with, she can be relied on to be accountable for everything she says and does. Abby is respectful of the opinions of others and does not judge or attempt to correct them.

Abby is a testament to our iCcare values and most deserving of this award.

Past iCcare Award Recipients

Nomination Information

Nominations for individuals (no group nominations) may be submitted by patients, staff, physicians, volunteers or members of our community to any one of the three award categories.

Our Staff - Labratory
Employee Award

A SAH Employee including EllisDon and Compass Staff

SAH Orthopedics Team
Physician Award

A Physician with SAH privileges

Sault Area Hospital Volunteers
Volunteer Award

A SAH Volunteer in good standing

  • iCcare EMPLOYEE – SAH Employee including those associated with the hospital, through EllisDon and Compass
  • iCcare PHYSICIAN – Physician with SAH privileges
  • iCcare VOLUNTEER – SAH Volunteer in good standing 

Nominations for individuals (no group nominations) may be submitted by patients, staff, physicians, volunteers or members of our community to any one of the three award categories.

The nomination process for 2024 is open until Wednesday, April 17, 2024 at 4:00 pm.

The Sault Area Hospital’s Board of Directors will review all nominations to make the selection of this year’s recipient.  All nominators and the recipient(s) will be notified of the Committee’s selection via letter after the May Board of Director’s meeting.

The award will be presented in the spring. Stay tuned for more information. 

Complete and submit an iCcare Nomination Form

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For more information on the iCcare Awards, contact Jennifer Doyle at ext. 3601 or email