Featuring Renée Plath

Renée Plath is the Office Assistant in our Crisis Services department. She began working at SAH in 2021 and has held various positions in the Mental Health and Addictions program over the last few years.

In her current role, she performs a wide range of clerical duties such as faxing and ordering supplies for the team. She keeps the office clean, tidy and organized. In addition, Renée is trained in mental health first aid. “When the team is busy assisting other patients/clients, I triage urgent calls to the department and prioritize patients,” she explains.

Renée has always wanted to work in the mental health field. “I love working at the hospital in my role – I have always wanted to work in the mental health field.” She speaks highly of her team in the mental health program. “I have met many amazing colleagues who have encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone to make a positive difference for those we serve.”

Renée takes on many projects that contribute to patient care and the overall patient experience at SAH. She is passionate about researching and sharing resources with patients and other staff across her program. “I have prepared information packages with coping cards for crisis services clients and made packages for other mental health and addictions programs across SAH.” In addition, Renée prepares colouring book kits for children who are waiting in the Emergency Department. “I started putting together these kits for children during the pandemic because I know what it’s like to be in a waiting room with children.” So far, she has made over 1,000 kits. 

In her spare time, Renée enjoys cooking and spending as much time as possible with her daughter. She also recently published her first adult colouring book available on Amazon!

We recognize Renée for consistently going above and beyond for her patients and colleagues and we thank her for sharing her talents, creativity, and kindness.