Spotlight on Dr. Bob Rasaiah

Dr. Bob RasaiahWe acknowledge and salute Pathologist Dr. Bhubendra (Bob) Rasaiah for celebrating an amazing 50 years of dedicated service to our community, SAH, and area residents!

Dr. Rasaiah came to Sault Ste. Marie 1971 after attending medical school at St. George’s University in London, England. “I was asked to come to Sault Ste. Marie as they did not have a Pathologist in the community at that time,” he explains. “I was very impressed with Canada and beautiful Sault Ste. Marie – I could not let the opportunity pass me by. I came to Canada to give my family opportunities and I am very proud of their accomplishments.”

Dr. Rasaiah was the sole Pathologist at SAH for 10 years, practicing in all disciplines of Pathology and serving as Medical Director at the Sault Ste. Marie General Hospital for many years. Over the past 5 decades, Dr. Rasaiah has seen first-hand, great advances in Pathology noting that the complexity and scope of practice in Pathology has dramatically expanded. “Manual tests have been replaced by automation and I have witnessed revolutionary changes, especially in tumour pathology,” he says. “This is so important since the discipline of pathology aims to provide the right diagnosis – it’s the beginning of the journey for a patient and without it, treatment cannot begin,” he says.

Dr. Rasaiah speaks highly of his SAH colleagues, staff, and quality of care. “One thing that has not changed in my time at SAH is the high quality of care provided at SAH. In fact, I would rank SAH as one of the best hospitals in the Province. Our building, equipment and especially our supportive, compassionate and welcoming team make SAH an excellent hospital in which to receive care.”   

When asked about the future of medicine, Dr. Rasaiah said, “After 50 years of practice, I have encountered virtually every possible disease. The future is bright – research in medicine will continually progress and I am confident that our excellent team will rise to the new challenges and opportunities.”

What are Dr. Rasaiah’s plans for the future? “I will continue to work because I love pathology and working at SAH.”

Congratulations to Dr. Rasaiah!