Spotlight: Central Ambulance Communication Centre

Sault Area Hospital’s (SAH) Central Ambulance Communication Centre (CACC) is the initial access point to Ontario’s emergency health services system for victims of illness or injury.

The role of CACC and our Communications Officers is crucial in organizing a coordinated, timely and safe emergency response. Recently, our Communications Officers responded to a multi-casualty incident on a nearby highway. They received the initial call at approximately 9:30 am and the last patient was air lifted at 8 pm. They received a total of eight 9-1-1 calls regarding the accident itself in less than a minute, while handling many other emergency calls (besides the accident) between 9:30 am and 8 pm. This is quite remarkable given their small team of 4 officers.

In addition, they notified SAH of the incident and prepared them to receive patients, provided safety instructions to Emergency responders, pre-alerted Ornge air ambulance, facilitated transfers, and coordinated outlying ambulances to provide emergency coverage to the city while the accident call was ongoing. 

Did you know that Communications Officers:

  • Receive 911, emergency and non-emergency requests for ambulance services from all over the Algoma district?
  • Determine the required level of response and provide seamless ambulance dispatching services using the resources provided by the ambulance service operators
  • Provide pre-arrival instructions to callers such as CPR, and work with the caller to help support and comfort them while awaiting the arrival of paramedics
  • Provide timely and accurate telecommunications services to callers, ambulance service providers and other emergency health services system stakeholders

We take this opportunity to thank and recognize these amazing emergency medical service professionals!