Michelle McLaren, RPN Medical

Michelle McLarenMichelle McLaren began working as a Registered Practical Nurse (RPN) over two years ago, beginning on the complex care unit and then moving to an active medical unit about a year ago.

In her role, she provides nursing care to patients who are acutely ill, working with a great team of colleagues. “I am fortunate to work with knowledgeable nurses who are great teachers, take the time to explain and are supportive. They have inspired me to on day pursue clinical teaching of our nursing students.” Michelle is keen on continuous learning and enjoys the daily challenges of her role. “I love learning and embracing change,” she says. Michelle was a trainer (superuser) for the hospital’s latest transition to a new Electronic Medical Record (ONE). “I am enjoying the new system because I am now able to spend more time getting to know my patients.” 

The most rewarding part of Michelle’s work is when she gets a smile from a patient. “When a patient is having a tough day, if I can make them smile and brighten their day, I feel great about my work.”

In her spare time, Michelle is completing her Bachelor of Nursing degree through Nipissing University’s RPN to BScN Bridging Program which is offered part-time online. “I am enjoying it. I am able to continue learning while working at the same time.” She enjoys spending time with her 2 sons and husband, cross country and downhill skiing, and loves the summer and camping.

We take this opportunity to thank Michelle for her dedication to her patients and for her passion for continuous learning and excellence at SAH!