Keeping You Safe: Housekeeping

SAH HousekeepingHousekeeping in a health care setting plays a pivotal role in infection prevention and control. Now more than ever, we have relied on our dedicated housekeeping team to ensure the safety of our patients and health care workers.

For the last year, the housekeeping department has added daily shifts for extra cleaning. “We have added cleaners to our staff complement to ensure we are doing extra cleaning in waiting rooms, cafeteria, lobby, lounges, etc.,” says manager, Annette Finateri. “In addition to our regular cleaning duties, we have also focused our cleaning efforts on all high touch surfaces such as railings, doorknobs and elevators.” Staff undergo extensive training and they are keenly aware of how important their work is to keeping everyone safe.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, SAH also invested in the purchase of an electrostatic sprayer. Electrostatic sprayers work by charging disinfectants as they pass through a sprayer nozzle. “The sprayer generates a fine mist of disinfectant which sticks to and coats environmental surfaces,” explains Finateri.

We thank our dedicated housekeeping staff for their resilience, particularly during the Pandemic. “I am grateful to my team for their commitment and hard work and I recognize the challenges we have faced both at work and at home during the Pandemic. We salute our cleaners at SAH!