Featuring Valerie Lethbridge

Valerie Lethbridge has worked at SAH for 9 years, first as a Dietary Aide and then as a housekeeper, mainly in the Emergency Department. Valerie is currently working as a Door Screener, an important role since the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

She is a dedicated employee who is committed to providing quality patient care services. As a Door Screener, Valerie sees herself as the first point of contact for anyone who enters the facility. “I want to make a good impression because I am one of the first faces our patients see when they come to the hospital,” she says. According to Valerie, COVID-19 screening is a vital function in keeping patients and our health care workers safe. “The screening questions may sometimes feel repetitive but those questions and answers are necessary in keeping people safe.” In addition to screening, Valerie ensures that everyone who enters the building applies hand sanitizer, masks and maintains physical distancing. “I learnt a great deal about the infection prevention and control measures as a housekeeper and given our current state, I am keenly aware of the importance of reducing the spread of germs.” 

Valerie loves children and previously ran a daycare. More recently, she put together activity bags for children. “Keeping children busy while they wait in the Emergency Department makes the time go by easier for the child and their family.” She loves to spend time with her grandchildren and in her spare time she enjoys baking, crafting and camping. 

Thank you to Valerie for her many contributions to all those who walk through our doors!