Featuring Tristina Iaconis

Tristina is a Nurse Practitioner (NP) working in the Residential Withdrawal Management Program. She began working as a registered nurse in various departments in 2011, became the supervisor for the surgical unit in 2016, and 3B medical unit in 2018.

Tristina completed her NP specialty in 2019 and joined the Residential Withdrawal Management Program in 2022. Prior to joining SAH, Tristina had many years of experience in geriatric nursing. “I was accustomed to working with vulnerable populations so addictions seemed like a good fit for me,” she says. “The team in Residential Withdrawal Management was very welcoming and they are a group of caring and highly motivated individuals.”

As an NP, Tristina provides timely access to medications that help clients manage their withdrawal symptoms. “I can address more than just their addiction or withdrawal symptoms – I can help them manage new and chronic conditions and arrange for appropriate follow ups in the community,” she says. “It is rewarding to see an expanded scope of care in this area, to be able to affect change, and to truly make in a difference in the lives of our clients.”

According to Tristina, she is excited to move to the new Residential Withdrawal Management facility on 145 Old Garden River Road. “We will be able to provide group therapy and teach our clients skills that will help them to be more successful once they leave our care,” she says. “The new facility offers private rooms for improved infection control and privacy, and I look forward to offering our clients a beautiful outdoor space which will promote healing, improve mood, and aid sleep.”

Tristina is also excited at the prospect of community building. “I hope the new facility will inspire more community partnerships and provide opportunities for building community.”

We thank Tristina for providing patient care excellence and fostering teamwork in the Residential Withdrawal Management program.