Featuring Michael Linley

Featuring Our Residential Withdrawal Management Staff: Michael Linley

Michael Linley began working at the Residential Withdrawal Management Program as an Addiction Services Worker in July 2021. The program is currently located within SAH. He heard about the program through a friend and was immediately intrigued. “I knew I wanted to give back and be part of the solution,” he says. “I wanted to work in this program at the hospital.”

He provides client support through counselling, developing treatment plans, and community outreach. “I really enjoy working with clients to develop treatment plans that are right for them,” says Michael. “My goal is to help others and help make changes in our community especially after continually observing the stigma that exists in society. I want to be part of the solution.”

When asked about the new Residential Withdrawal Management facility that will open in 2023, Michael says, “I am excited to move to the new facility. I recently had a tour and the new space and it will provide a safe and healing environment for clients both inside and outside.” One of the main enhancements will be the addition of counselling space to offer group therapy. “Not only is this service therapeutic but it allows clients to learn and develop new skills such as coping strategies,” says Michael.

We thank Michael for his many contributions and look forward to his continued work with mental health and additions clients in our new Residential Withdrawal Management facility on Old Garden River Road.