Featuring Heather Pritchard

Heather Pritchard is the Supervisor for Addiction Services, which includes the Withdrawal Management and Safe Beds Programs, Mental Health and Justice Safe Bed Program, Addiction Medicine Consult Team, Addiction Treatment Clinic and the Rapid Access Addiction Medicine Clinic.

She is a Registered Nurse and a Master of Nursing candidate. Heather has been very involved in the Residential Withdrawal Management project along every step of the way and is currently involved in the development of improved operational procedures and standards of practice to ensure care at the new facility will meet the latest provincial standards.

She became interested in working in the field of addictions while working in southern Ontario. “I came to work in Mental Health and Addictions because I recognized that stigma drives those most in need from getting effective care and accessing services. I knew I needed to learn more to be able to do more. Stigma affects us all. We are all vulnerable to the slow and insidious practice of dehumanizing others and we are all responsible for recognizing and stopping it,” she says.

Heather finds her work rewarding because she has an opportunity to work with an excellent team of care providers. “I am inspired by our wonderful staff who go above and beyond to provide exceptional care every day for our clients and I am proud to be working alongside this dedicated, knowledgeable team.”

She is excited to move to the new Withdrawal Management facility at 145 Old Garden River Road and believes it will offer great benefits to clients. “The new facility meets all the latest provincial standards and it will offer all the latest amenities for our clients. The expanded facilities will provide a safe and comfortable environment for all those we serve.”

We thank Heather for her many valued contributions over the years!