Anastasia VanWieren, Registered Technologist

Anastasia VanWierenAnastasia VanWieren is a Registered Technologist who has been working in the Laboratory at SAH for 8 years, beginning first as a Student Laboratory Technologist.

When she graduated from the Medical Laboratory Technology Program at Cambrian College in 2012, she qualified to work in 5 Laboratory disciplines – Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, Histology, Transfusion Services and Microbiology. Anastasia currently works in Chemistry, Transfusion Services and Laboratory Information System conducting a variety of medical laboratory tests to assist in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease. “It’s a fast-paced environment that requires critical thinking skills, the ability to troubleshoot and perform daily duties in the departments,” she says.  Some of her duties include analysis of blood, urine and other body fluids and conducting blood group, type and compatibility tests for transfusion purposes. “I love my work and I cannot imagine doing anything else as a career,” she says. “I find my work very rewarding because I feel like I am part of a clinical team making a difference for patients.”

Anastasia was involved in our recent launch of an electronic medical record (ONE). “It was a great experience to be part of this project to work with staff outside of the lab at SAH and with staff at our partner hospital sites because I gained a broader understanding of different areas in the hospital,” she says. “I am fortunate to work with wonderful people who are also friends outside of work.” Anastasia has done a great deal of work updating, building and maintaining the new Meditech Expanse System. She is currently working on nomenclature mapping for the e-health portal of the Ontario Laboratories Information System.  

Anastasia is originally from the Plantagenet-Alfred area, a rural community east of Ottawa. She grew up on a hobby farm where her family still resides. She misses her family back home and wishes they were with her in the Sault. Anastasia enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, friends and pets. She loves adventure, the outdoors, travelling and sports. She enjoys hiking, fishing, kayaking and camping. Hockey, volleyball and slow-pitch are a few of the sports she plays. Anastasia is a certified scuba diver, has participated in ice climbing in Batchewana Ontario and hopes to travel more of the world.

We acknowledge Anastasia for her dedication to her work, for embracing change and for her passion for continuous learning!