SAH Parking Terms & Conditions

  • Parking access is for the exclusive use of the designated Individual and is not to be shared with family or friends.
  • Parking Fees (by payroll deduction)
    • Full-Time $30.77/biweekly
    • Part-Time $20.00/biweekly
  • Proportional reimbursements will not be issued.
  • In the event of any extended absence i.e. maternity leave, it is the employee’s responsibility to cancel their parking access and deductions through Employee Services at
  • Parking fees will not be reimbursed for periods of time that access was not used.
  • Failure to comply with the parking policy, terms and conditions will result in a loss of parking privileges.
  • The Sault Area Hospital is not responsible for any damages incurred to vehicles while parked on Hospital property.
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