The videos feature Elizabeth Alloi. She teaches voice, flute, and piano, and is our Community Outreach Coordinator. She also teaches our Music for Mommy and Me program.

Music Lesson: Performing and creating music can be an outlet for expression, and a release of emotion. Learning a new instrument for fun and relaxation is a great way of taking care of your emotional health!

Creating Playlists: Use Music to Spark Your Brain! Let’s explore curating playlists to help with mood enhancement and providing the mental break you crave.

The playlists mentioned in the video are as follows:

About Case's Music

Case’s Music is committed to educating children and adults in the art of music and helping them to become a part of Sault Ste. Marie’s music scene.  Our teachers, who have the highest level of education from universities across Canada, offer musical training in such instruments as guitar, bass, piano, mandolin, banjo, drums, violin, and voice.

We strive to give our customers a positive experience and, as such, we require that our employees help our students meet their goals while working with them in an engaging and professional manner.

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