Sylvia Arruda, Occupational Therapist

Sylvia ArrudaSylvia Arruda began working as an Occupational Therapist in 2006 on the inpatient units and in 2018, moved to the Foot Clinic.

In her role, she works with both inpatients and outpatients to prevent and monitor wounds and provide nail care. Outpatients come to the Foot Clinic via referrals from health care practitioners. Sylvia works with the team in the Minor Procedures Clinic to assist with treating complex wounds and in the Amputee Clinic as part of the assessment team. The clinic fits amputees for prosthetics. “Part of my role in the Foot Clinic includes assessing skin integrity, providing education to patients and making suggestions for modifying footwear.” Sylvia is passionate about making improvements that will benefit patients. “We will soon be launching electric stimulation for chronic wounds, a best practice used in wound care.” She also does consultations on our inpatient units.

“I love my work. Our patients are grateful for the care they receive and I feel that I am making a difference,” says Sylvia. She keeps very busy and enjoys a challenge. “Working at SAH in the Foot Clinic is interesting and dynamic. Our environment is always changing and change is good.” According to Sylvia, she works with a wonderful team at SAH. “I have met many great people across the organization and I enjoy working with my team.”   

Outside of work, Sylvia enjoys spending time with her family and friends, staying active and cooking. We thank Sylvia for her teamwork and dedication to her patients!