Spotlight: Billy Wilson, Door Screener

Billy Wilson was one of our first Door Screeners who began working in this capacity since July 2020. He is a Sault College nursing student who hopes to complete his program by the end of this year. In addition, Billy was also an avid volunteer at SAH for almost 5 years.

Billy has a strong work ethic and is committed to providing care and service to everyone who walks through our doors. “My work as a Door Screener is important because I am most often the first point of contact with a patient or visitor and this interaction frames how they view their experience at our hospital,” he says. “I always make sure I greet everyone at the door, consider how people may react to me, and ensure my approach will be well received,” he adds. Billy is known for his calm approach and is always open to feedback. “I have learned and practiced these skills in nursing and I try to reflect on what I have learned and improve my skills where possible.”

As a former volunteer, Billy is passionate about ensuring that patients and visitors know where they are going in the building. He also enjoys meeting people in his work and speaks highly of the wonderful team at SAH. “It makes my day when people are cheerful and I enjoy working with other Door Screeners, and interacting with staff and physicians.”

We take this opportunity to thank Billy for being respectful, professional and always going out of his way to help our patients and visitors!