Featuring Dr. Silvana Spadafora

Congratulations to Dr. Silvana Spadafora, Oncologist and SAH Chief of Staff at Sault Area Hospital who received the prestigious Platinum Jubilee Award in Honour of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s 70th year on the throne. A public event to honour recipients was cancelled last year out of respect for the passing of The Queen.

Dr. Spadafora has been recognized for her incredible service to our community through her medical excellence, highest standards of patient care, advancement of the medical field, and leading the practice of medicine in Sault Ste. Marie.

Dr. Spadafora is a Medical Oncologist, and former Medical Director and Chief for the Algoma District Cancer Program (ADCP). She is a member of the Executive and Quality and Services Board Committees. She is an Associate Professor for the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. She also represents our region at Ontario Health-Cancer Care Ontario as Regional Quality Lead for Systemic therapy.

She has been described by patients as someone who works tirelessly to ensure they receive the best care during their difficult journey. Dr. Spadafora has a great ability to communicate with her patients and their families. She is a mentor for students, an inspiration to her colleagues and a positive influence for her patients and their families. Dr. Spadafora is an admirable physician leader and there is great harmony in the ADCP largely due to her integrity and genuineness.

She is a role model and both physicians and staff have great respect for her as a leader and a colleague. She leads by example and has inspired her staff to do the same. The ADCP, with the strong support and leadership of Dr. Spadafora, established the inaugural Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) at SAH. It has been a great success and has led to the establishment of more Councils.

In addition, Dr. Spadafora has been very instrumental in implementing innovative practices, pursuing staff development opportunities and assisting with physician recruitment at SAH.