Barbara Silveri, Senior Lab Technologist

Barbara SilveriBarbara Silveri began her career 18 years ago in microbiology and later moved to transfusion services, where is currently a Senior Lab Technologist. Prior to joining SAH, she worked in a lab in Wisconsin for many years.

In her role, Barbara is the transfusion services team lead. She monitors the utilization of blood and blood products, works with staff and physicians on blood conservation efforts, provides education and safety training to staff, supports accreditation and regularly updates policies and procedures. “SAH receives all blood and blood products from Canadian Blood Services. “It’s important to monitor their supply and our demand to ensure we have enough products to care for our patients. Sometimes we encounter situations where we exhaust all our blood supply so we have processes in place to draw from other communities such as Sudbury,” she says. Barbara also stays current by working in the lab completing antibody screening and blood typing.  

 The most rewarding part of Barbara’s work is supporting patients who need life-saving transfusions. “Watching a patient recover and go home is the most rewarding part of the work I do.” Barbara’s husband also works in the chemistry department of the lab at SAH and she enjoys working with the entire team. “We have a fantastic team in the lab who do incredible work to support patient care behind the scenes.”

Outside of work, Barbara loves spending time with her family including her 2 grown sons. She enjoys camping, travelling and reading.

We take this opportunity to acknowledge Barbara for her leadership and teamwork and thank her for her dedication to patient care!