SAH’s Algoma Geriatric Services to Move

January 7, 2022 – Sault Area Hospital’s (SAH) Algoma Geriatric Services will begin relocating to 341 Trunk Road on Monday, January 10. The new location will bring together two of SAH’s geriatric programs to support seniors in our community – the Algoma Geriatric Clinic (AGC), currently located at SAH, and Seniors Mental Health (SMH), currently located at 123 East Street . All patients will be notified of their appointment location when contacted by staff.

Although many services are currently provided virtually, the new location will offer greater patient comfort and space once services resume in person. Hours of operation and the phone number will remain unchanged. The AGC has been providing comprehensive assessments, recommendations and treatment planning for seniors living in the community since 2013. Geriatric Clinic patients are often struggling with declines in ability, falls and/or multiple medical problems. Referrals to the Algoma Geriatric Clinic are made by a physician or a nurse practitioner. Referrals are reviewed by clinic physicians and staff. More information can be found here: Algoma Geriatric Services.

SMH provides community mental health services for older adults within the District of Algoma. This service addresses mental health issues that may be affecting independence, activities of daily living, safety and relationships. SMH strives to provide specialized mental health assessment and recommendations. SMH connects patients with a geriatric psychiatrist for diagnosis when necessary. Referrals to the Seniors Mental Health Service can be made by anyone and are accepted by phone. Referrals for Geriatric Psychiatry must be made by a nurse practitioner or physician. More information on making a referral is available here: Seniors Mental Health Services.

Algoma Geriatric Services provide specialized geriatric care with goals of increasing functional ability, independence and quality of life for seniors and their care partners. Treatment is provided by a multi-disciplinary team including Geriatricians, Geriatric Psychiatrists, Registered Nurses, Social Workers, Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapists.

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