Residential Withdrawal Management & Safe Beds Update

Efforts continue to support the timely opening of the recently approved expansion of Residential Withdrawal Management & Safe Beds services in Sault Ste. Marie.

“We are grateful for the dedication and relentless commitment to work completed by Sault Area Hospital, community partners, our local elected officials, the Ministry of Health and the City of Sault Ste. Marie to bring the Centre to our community.  We are making great strides to opening as quickly as possible,” says Wendy Hansson, President and CEO of Sault Area Hospital.  “We anticipate the centre opening within 12 months.”

The Residential Withdrawal Management & Safe Beds services will be located at 145 Old Garden River Road (former Sault Star building) once rezoning is approved.

Sault Area Hospital (SAH) core project team completed a comprehensive search of all available spaces in Sault Ste. Marie. Each option evaluated based on Provincial Standards for Withdrawal Management Services and Ministry of Health Space Standards for community-based programs focusing on proximity to the hospital and emergency services, centralized location, ‘green space’ for outdoor wellness activities, and space to expand or the ability to co-locate other SAH services in the same building.

“Consultation took place with our provincial, regional, and community partners, including; Indigenous Partners, Social Services, MH&A Services, Patient and Family Advisors, and Healthcare providers, to ensure a suitable space was selected,” said Lisa Case, Director of Mental Health and Addiction Services for Sault Area Hospital.  “This service enhancement has been long sought in our community and will improve access to much-needed addictions care.”

Over the coming weeks, SAH will work with the property’s owner, DiTommaso Developments and the City of Sault Ste. Marie to ensure all municipal zoning requirements are met.  The completion of the rezoning work will support SAH’s final business case approval allowing for the work to progress to Stage Three – Planning, Tender and Award of Contract. 

Residential Withdrawal Management and Safe Bed services continue to be available to the community at SAH’s 750 Great Northern Road location while work progresses on the opening of the new location.

SAH is committed to working with our community partners and government to ensure these urgently needed critical services expand to improve access to Mental Health & Addiction services in our community.

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