What Do We Do? 

Utilizing an interprofessional team of doctors, nurses and community supports, the medical follow up clinic provides services for individuals who have chronic illnesses (such as Congestive Heart Failure) who were recently discharged from the hospital and/or do not have a family physician to help manage their illness(es). Community partners with the Sault Area Hospital medical follow-up clinic include the Group Health Centre and the Community Care Access Centre.  

Our Care Team:

  • Brenda Paat, PHC-NP RNEC 
  • Dr. J. Kurniawan 
  • Dr. I.G. Iulius 
  • Dr. S. Russell 
  • Dr. S. Gravelle 
  • Dr. J. Boseovski 
  • Dr. L. Castellani 

Hours of Operation 

705-759-3691 or 705-759-3434 ext. 6942 

Information Sheets 

Congestive Heart Failure Self-Management Guide
Congestive Heart Failure Program Supportive Material To Help You Stay Well