Resource (Virtual) Advisors

  • Resource advisors are patient and family advisors that receive and respond to ad hoc requests for engagement. 
  • Ad hoc requests for engagement are submitted by hospital staff members who seek to embed the patient voice into their work.
  • Staff members are asked to complete a form that contains the details of the request, including the number of advisors, the scope of the work, typical meeting times, duration of the project, etc.
  • The request form is then circulated to all advisors at Sault Area Hospital.  If the request is of interest to the advisor, they notify the coordinator who works to match advisors to the work
  • On average, the hospital receives 10 ad-hoc requests for engagement per month
SAH PFAC Report Out
SAH PFAC Report Out

Examples of ad hoc requests include:

  • Sitting on interview panels for leadership positions
  • Reviewing patient documents and education materials
  • Participating in the hospital’s accreditation process
  • Participating in quality improvement initiatives
  • Participating in patient safety activities
  • Participating in short or long term hospital projects
  • Sitting on hospital committees such as; Joint Health and Safety, Operations Committee, Accessibility Committee, etc

Advisory Council Members

At Sault Area Hospital we currently have 5 different Patient and Family Advisory Councils (PFAC) in the following areas

  • Hospital Wide – SAH PFAC
  • Algoma District Cancer Program PFAC
  • Algoma Regional Renal Program PFAC
  • Mental Health and Addictions PFAC
  • Emergency Department PFAC

At this time, there are no plans to expand to new programs

  • PFACs meet on a monthly basis during the early evening hours.  Meetings are typically 1.5-2 hours long
  • Patient and Family Advisors that sit on PFACs share their ideas to improve care within a specific program. They work alongside program leadership to contribute the patient perspective to existing work or propose new work in an effort to improve the patient experience
  • The term to sit on a council is 2 years with a 3rd year optional
  • As seats on the council become vacant, they are filled by the PFAC Coordinator from the resource pool of advisors or through targeted recruitment
  • Meetings are run formally with agendas, minutes and briefing notes to support the discussion

For more information on some of the specific ways our advisors have contributed to the organization over the years, please browse our PFAC quarterly reports: