What is OBSP and why is screening important?

OBSP stands for Ontario Breast Screening Program. The program is facilitated through Cancer Care Ontario. OBSP is a province-wide program that provides high-quality breast cancer screening to two groups of women. However, SAH’s OBSP program is specifically aimed towards women aged 50-74 who are not currently presenting with any symptoms. Breast screening is important as it leads to early detection. Screening mammography can find breast cancers when they are small and are less likely to have spread (metastasized) to the lymph nodes, resulting in a higher treatment success rate.

Who is eligible for this service?

Women 50 years and older who have no previous history of breast cancer, no breast implants, and who have not received a mammogram within the last year are eligible.

*Services are also provided to women between 30 and 69 years of age identified as high-risk (medical referrals are needed for this category).

What services are offered at SAH?

  • Mammography
  • Breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Screening breast ultrasound
  • Discussion of appropriate screening recall time based on a woman’s screening result and risk factors
  • Coordination of follow-up tests
  • Normal or abnormal screening results will be sent to a woman’s respective healthcare provider

What if I don’t have a doctor/nurse practitioner? 

OBSP is a self-referral program. The program is designed to increase proactive self-advocacy in terms of health awareness. There are no physician orders or referrals necessary.

How long does it take for results and who provides the patient with results?

OBSP appointments are incredibly thorough but do not take up too much time. The appointment can usually be completed within an hour. If additional tests are required, SAH OBSP does their best to get them done that day. Results determined by Radiologists will be mailed to women after their screening visit along with the next steps if necessary.

How can a patient book a screening appointment at SAH?

Booking an appointment can be done by making a phone call to the SAH OBSP. Please call 705-256-4709 or dial toll-free at 1-833-255-6277 to secure your appointment.

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SAH is proud to offer this service to our community. For more information on the Ontario Breast Screening Program, please visit Cancer Care Ontario.